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The Collections page lists all the Items you have purchased in the game.n There are 100 collectibles available in the regular game. If you have purchased at least 10 Collectible Items, then you will automatically switch to PREMIUM mode and receive special bonuses from the IDT.
In PREMIUM mode, you can play alone or with friends, buy Items, coins or ponies in the city market, chat with other game participants.
The game also has a pvp mode. By purchasing Items from other players, you can increase your stats and collect elite equipment. Improve your stats with Daily Prizes.
Premium game mode: The player has 100 unique items that he can buy, receive as a gift or receive for free if he has them. You can buy or receive as a gift 1-2 times a day to take part in the Premium system.
Search for items.Before you start playing Premium, go through the in-game auction and buy some Collectibles that can earn you additional bonuses.
Choose your Character. Choose the item you like the most. Open "Europe" and create your Team.
On the Tweedy website. Follow the instructions in the Game Rules or follow the prompts on the menu.
You need to collect the necessary Collectibles that you bought in the game from the list (they are marked with the corresponding icon on the collection page).
Have a party with your friends in "Eurpe". To do this, you need to enter the city in PvP mode and find the Furnished Rooms (Moving Room) on the first floor.
Tickets for the ball can be purchased from auctions or on the black market. On the black market, tickets can be bought for any other currency. You can also buy at auction, but there they are more expensive than on black.
Use the hints to find the right place for the party and decorate it according to the directions in the hints.
When the party is over, your guests will find their items and everyone will have bonuses. For money, you can buy ready-made sets in the store. Thus, you get 10 different collectible Items at once.
Thus, you will need to compete for the purchase of 10 Collectibles.
- You have 10 collectible single items -
- 100 Mad Dogs and San Andrea themed collectible chests f02ee7bd2b